Modjeska-Woman Triumphant

2009, 57 min.

Modjeska-Woman Triumphant (2009)

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The WIFTS (Women’s International Film & Television Showcase) Foundation International Visionary Awards
Best Director Award


Director Basia Myszynska
Screenplay Basia Myszynska
Cinematography Leonard Myszynski
Music Mikolaj Stroinski


Modjeska voice Danuta Stenka

The film is about the life and passions of Polish actress Helena Modjeska as she journeyed to America to work and to refine, becoming a nineteenth century icon on the American stage. Adored and admired for her beauty and nobility, she became the voice of Poland and a voice for women. It is about the life of an artist missionary who evolved into a bi-national star. A journey about faith and compassion. It is about one woman’s commitment to her self and to humanity through her art. Produced in celebration of her life on the 100th anniversary of her death in 2009!