My Australia

Moja Australia, 2011, 96 min.

My Australia (2011)

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Jerusalem Film Festival
Audience Award


Director Ami Drozd
Screenplay Ami Drozd
Cinematography Adam Sikora
Music Ofir Leibovitz, Janusz Stoklosa
Art Directors Katarzyna SobaŃska, Marcel SŁawiŃski, Tomer Oshrat
Producers Marek Rozenbaum, Itai Tamir, Dariusz Jablonski, Violetta Kaminska, Izabela Wojcikl


Tadek Jakub Wroblewski
Andrzej Lukasz Sikora
Halina, Tadek’s and Andrzej’s Mother Aleksandra Poplawska


Poland after the WW II. The tale unfolds from the p.o.v. of 10-year-old Tadek, who is growing up with no father in the picture. Along with his 14-year-old brother Andrzej, he gravitates toward a neo-Nazi street gang. Their feckless mother Halina, a Holocaust survivor given to trading on her good looks, tells a pack of lies to get the boys released from prison, but can’t quite bring herself to reveal the truth of their origins. She eventually delegates this task to Andrzej, while telling Tadek that they are moving to Australia, a country that he fetishists. Unable to find paying work after the family arrives in Haifa, Halina decides to dump the boys at a kibbutz, which is where culture shock really sets in…