My Name Is Asia

2013, 10 min.

My Name Is Asia (2013)


Director Balbina Korzeniowska
Screenplay Balbina Korzeniowska
Cinematography Marcus Chan
Music Mikolaj Stroinski
Production Designer Javier Mendoza
Producer Balbina Korzeniowska
Asia Valentina Probosz
Ela, Asia’s Mother Anna Podolak
Lupe Lilly Mettler
Bree Kelsi Taylor
Alexis Joanna Renee Henry
Tyler Alex Overton
Mrs. Adams Katherine Mckalip
Mrs. Kruger Elizabeta Vidovic
Vincent Vincent Probosz
Asia, a 15 year old immigrant from Poland, goes to her first day of school in America. It’s not as fun as she had hoped. Just as she thinks things can’t get any worse, they do. A story of how an outsider can become an insider. Based on real events.