My Paintings Are a Little Bit Gray

Moje obrazy są jakieś szare, 2015, 53 min. and 24 sec.

My Paintings Are a Little Bit Gray (2015)


Director Agnieszka Arnold
Screenplay Agnieszka Arnold
Cinematography Witek Orski
Music Agata Zubel
Producer Andrzej Wyszynski


Gina Olmer Rotem

Documentary film about the life and works of the Israeli painter Gina Olmer. Born in Poland, arrived in Israel after traumatic experiences during the Holocaust when she was 13-years-old, in 1944. After losing her entire family, she erases her memory of the Holocaust, the war and Poland. Only her art becomes a way for her to express her traumatic experiences. Certain about the abstract nature of her art, Gina Olmer spent years painting the nightmare of the Holocaust. But she did it in an indirect way, involuntarily weaving it in through complex forms and experimental colors. Today, at the dusk of her life, she is discovering this aspect of her work.