Mystery Place

Leśne Doły, 2011, 80 min.

Mystery Place (2006)

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Director Slawomir Kulikowski
Screenplay Slawomir Kazimierczak, Slawomir Kulikowski
Cinematography Mariusz Konopka
Music Partners In Rhyme
Art Director Hanna Orlowska
Producers Slawomir Kulikowski, Pawel Kuligowski
Weronika Teresa Dzielska
Andrzej Ireneusz Czop
Piotr Mariusz Bonaszewski
Monika Hanna Konarowska
Mysterious Man Marek Frackowiak

A young married couple suddenly wins a jackpot. They inherit a manor house at a village called Lesne Doly. This introduces them to life in a small town. Cherishing the idea of owning a business, the couple plans to open up a motel in the inherited manor. The idea is rather coldly welcomed by local residents. The couple disregards all the comments and warnings that they hear. However it doesn’t take much time for the secret of Lesne Doly to come out..