Naked Soles

2012, 15 min.

Naked Sole (2012)

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Directors Aleksandra Szczepanowska, Jean Luc Ormieres
Screenplay Aleksandra Szczepanowska, Jean Luc Ormieres
Cinematography Romain Le Bonniec
Music Baptiste Thiry
Production Designer Sylvain Cabouat
Producers David Atrakchi, Gael Cabouat, Boris Mendza
Hope Aleksandra Szczepanowska
Henri Delaude Philippe Laudenbach
Juliette Marie Denarnaud
Antoine David Atrakchi
Hope Spears, a young American Journalist in Paris, is obsessed by a reclusive poet, though she herself is nearly a hermit. When she cannot find him, she is forced to leave Paris. Her last 24 hours are marked by surprise, intrigue, despair and a final embrace of the banalities of a daily life we cannot predict.