Nowa, 2009, 20 min.

Newbie (2009)


Director Tomasz Olejarczyk
Screenplay Tomasz Olejarczyk
(based on the short story “The Power Of Word” (Moc słowa) by Anna Czajka)
Cinematography Radoslaw Ladczuk
Music Tomasz Stroynowski
Art Directors Agata Trojak, Karolina Halatek
Producer Andrzej Mankowski
Anna/Nowa Justyna Wasilewska
Czarny Marcin Korcz
Mother Dorota Chotecka
The Decalogue 89+ (Dekalog 89+)

Seeking acceptance in a group of peers playing risky urban games, 17-year-old Anna loses faith in her values. With nothing to lose, she comes up with a game, with which she wants to provoke the group–especially its leader Czarny–to think. In a surprising conclusion of the film, the characters are given a new chance to return to normality. The film corresponds with the Second Commandment: “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.”