Night Conversation

Rozmawiamy 20:06 05:17, 2004, 31 min.

Night Conversation (2004)


Director Hanna Sawka
Screenplay Hanna Sawka
Cinematography Grzegosz Bartoszewicz
Music Envee & Niewinni Czarodzieje
Producer Opus Film

This film is above all about the city at night a place where people wander, some because of sorrow, others because they seek love and adventure. It is shown from the point of view of two taxi drivers, a man and a woman, both of whom have landed in this job because of life problems. The taxi drivers have an additional job for which no one pays they must hear other people’s problems, while they keep their own to themselves. They drive around city all night, meeting people who are a reflection of the place and time in which they live.