On Credit

Na kredyt, 2008, 30 min.

On Credit (2008)


Director Przemyslaw Nowakowski
Screenplay Przemyslaw Nowakowski
Cinematography Romuald Lewandowski
Art Direction Aneta Suskiewicz-Majka
Producer(s) Anna Wydra
Lucek Lukasz Garlicki
Wera Magdalena Poplawska
Agnes Magdalena Gorska
A modern version of a medieval legend about two lovers who couldn’t live together because they were under a curse. It’s not a curse which keeps Agnes and Lucek apart but a loan. Agnes works as a doctor in a hospital and Lucek is a DJ at a nightclub. They decide to invest in their mutual future. They take out a loan and buy an apartment. They have to work ever harder to pay back the loan. They miss each other and can’t keep their dates. One day they find a solution: they will video tape their everyday lives and exchange these tapes. After a while Lucek starts to sink into a fantasy world and loses contact with Agnes and reality. Then he meets Vera…