Once Again

Jeszcze raz, 2008, 91 min.

Once Again (2008)

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Director Mariusz Malec
Screenplay Erwin Wencel
Cinematography Damian Pietrasik
Music Maciej Zieliński
Art Direction Jacek Turewicz
Producer(s) Mariusz Lukomski,
Waldemar Zubek,
Heatcliff Janusz Iwanowski
Anna Krzyzanowska Danuta Stenka
Michal Woroczynski Jan Frycz
Pawel Woroczynski (Michal’s Son) Przemyslaw Cypranski
Kasia Szajewska (Anna’s Dother) Anna Antonowicz
Tadeusz Lech Mackiewicz
Tomus Jaworski Mikolaj Krawczyk
Krzysieke Bartosz Obuchowicz
Grayzna Kinga Preis

Once Again” is a light comedy which chronicles the parallel romantic adventures of a mother and a daughter. Anna (Danuta Stenka) is an energetic and attractive 40-year-old with a great sense of humor and an easy going attitude towards life and fashion. Her 19-year-old daughter Kasia (Anna Antonowicz) is not a typical teenager; she doesn’t like to party, she’s not interested in boys, and she eats healthy food and practices yoga. Michal (Jan Frycz) is a very handsome, serious and well-off lawyer. Pawel (Przemek Cypryanski) is twenty, loves life, beautiful girls and partying. Kasia and Anna are supposed to spend vacation together at a seaside resort. Instead, Kasia goes off on her own while Anna, with a group of her friends, decides to rest in the mountains.