One Summer Afternoon

Letnie popołudnie, 2019, 78 min.
One Summer Afternoon (2019)

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Director Youssef Ouarrak
Screenplay Youssef Ouarrak
Cinematography Zofia Goraj
Music Atanas Valkov
Art Director Katarzyna Załecka
Producer Dariusz Tokarz


Laura Maria Pawlowska
Aniela Lucyna Szierok
Karolina Judy Turan
Zuzanna, (Laura’s and Karolina’s Mother) Anna Moskal
Piotr (Taxi Driver) Jacek Tarkawian
Neighbor Helena Ganjalyan
Adam Darek Tokarz
Magda Olga Miłaszewska
Uncle Aleksander Janiszewski
Marcin Mateusz Kociecki
Dawid Krzysztof Nowakowski
Grandmother Halina Jablonowska


Laura turns 25 today. On this occasion she blows out candles on the birthday cake among family members in the cemetery, at the grave of her deceased father. It is unusual tradition.

As well as family dinner at her mother’s house, in which the girl reluctantly attends. Relationships between the women have been very tense since Laura moved in with her girlfriend Angela. The mother, despite her best efforts, doesn’t accept this relationship. The situation is not lighter by the fact that Laura decided to quit her studies to work as a make-up artist. When an argument happens during dinner, Laura decides to return to her beloved to celebrate her birthday together. Getting in the cab, she has no idea that this one summer afternoon will change her whole life…