Operation Samum

Operacja “Samum”, 1999, 83 min.

Operation Samum (1999)


Director Wladyslaw Pasikowski
Screenplay Maciaj Dutkiewicz, Robert Brutter
Cinematography Pwel Edelman
Music Goran Bregovic
Art Direction Jacek Pogrodowczyk
Producer(s) Piotr Dejmek, Andrzej Terej


Karen Anna Korcz
Maj. Jozef Mayer Marek Kondrat
Bronski Boguslaw Linda
Kosinski Olaf Lubaszenko
Pawel Mayer Radoslaw Pazura
Shopsovitz Gustaw Holoubek

Mayer, a retired secret agent, takes on a dangerous mission in Iraq to save his son from prison. Not aware that he is being used as a decoy by his former superiors, he embarks on a suicidal operation, which is supposed to attract the attention of Iraqi secret police. In the meantime, two other Polish secret agents working for the CIA are to help the American spies out. Unfortunately, things get complicated when Mayer meets a mysterious beauty, Karen, who works for Mosad. It is because of her that Mayer’s son got into trouble. The mission seems doomed to failure…