Pomarańcze, 2016, 24 min.

Oranges (2016)


Directors   Piotr Szczyszyk,
Maciej Bogdanski
Screenplay   Piotr Szczyszyk,
Maciej Bogdanski
Cinematography   Daniel Okupski,
Piotr Szczyszyk
Art Direction   Joanna Salgut
Producer   Piotr Szczyszyk


Wife   Edyta Lukaszewska
Husband   Zbigniew Walerys
Student   Michal Surma

Communist Poland of the 1980s. In a cramped little apartment, a man and a woman (a marriage with its best years gone) face the boredom of everyday life. For the wife, each day seems to be the same and she can’t find a way to escape the dullness of the surrounding world. That is until a young man visits-a student traveling the world-and brings out all the forgotten needs and desires, forcing the characters to re-evaluate the values they live their life by…