Paderewski: Man of Action, Success and Fame

Paderewski, człowiek czynu, sukcesu i sławy, 2013, 32 min

Paderewski: Man of Action, Success and Fame

Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards
Certificate of Merit


Director Wieslaw Dabrowski
Screenplay Wieslaw Dabrowski
Cinematography Krzysztof Burzynski, Kamil Dabrowski, Dawid Olczak
Music Ignacy Jan Paderewski
Producer Wieslaw Dabrowski
History of the great Polish patriot, world-famous pianist and composer, statesman, diplomat, politician and philanthropist. Thanks to Paderewski, Poland regained independence after World War I. Paderewski’s great and memorable actions are discussed by several historical witnesses, including U.S. presidents Ronald Regan, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, George Bush Sr., and Poland’s president Lech Walesa, the Primate of Poland, Cardinal Jozef Glemp, General Edward Rowny etc. The film features Paderewsk’s own piano performances.