Path to Glory

2011, 99 min.

Path to Glory (2011)

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Directors Jen Miller, Sophie Pegrum
Screenplay Jen Miller
Cinematography Sophie Pegrum
Music Brandon Visel
Producers Jen Miller, Sophie Pegrum


It can be said that the history of a man is the history of the horse. Nowhere is that more true than in Poland and their beloved Arabian horse. This is the strange, unexpected story of far-flung lands as disparate as Egypt and the Arabian desert, and the long-suffering Slavic kingdom of Poland coming together in war and in peace and influencing one another through the living history written on the backs of centuries of horses. With interviews, rare archival footage and photographs previously lost to history, this in-depth film documents the unlikely, triumphant story of Poland’s entrance onto the world stage and their worldwide influence on the breeding of one animal. This breathtaking documentary tells the story of how a beleaguered nation rose up to become the pinnacle of Arabian horse breeding, coming full circle from desert sands to the hallowed halls of Europe, and how Poland now proudly serves as the wellspring for the greatest Arabian horses in the world.