Mały palec, 2014, 24 min.

Pinky (2014)

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Director Tomasz Cichon
Screenplay Tadeusz Rawa
Cinematography Mikolaj Lebkowski
Music Lukasz Targosz
Production Designer Jedrzej Kowalski
Producer Marcin Lunkiewicz


Seweryn Adam Bobik
Leszek Remigiusz Jankowski
Tomek Stanislaw Hubert
Patrycja, Seweryn’s Girlfriend Joanna Opozda
Mr. Ho Nam Bui Ngoc

One evening, Tomek, Leszek and Seweryn steal an expensive car in a ‘snatch ‘n grab’ hit and immediately sell it to a fence. Aiming to celebrate a job well done, they go to a local Vietnamese bar for a beer.