Hazardzista, 2010, 100 min.

Player (2010)


Director Alina Szpak
Screenplay Robert Fleet
Cinamatography David C. Smith
Music Christopher Cano
Art Director Alina Szpak
Producer & VFX Stephan Szpak-Fleet
Sam Robert Fleet
Princess Natalie Avital
Jack Nick Mccallum
Marie Elizabeth Carlson
Insa Enci
Annette J. Rene Pena
Bill Stanley B. Herman

Win when it counts – at any price. A noir-romantic drama about a gambler and a younger woman who fall in love, then risk everything on a dangerous bet. Sam is a Vegas-fringe gambler living with a young woman nicknamed Princess that he picked up in the desert. Needing the rush of high stakes gambling to make himself feel alive, Sam uses Princess to place a dangerous bet – which he can’t cover without manipulating his estranged son Jack to “borrow” from his ex-wife’s business. It’s a life or death bet now for Sam and Princess – and the odds get worse when Princess, trying to protect Sam, bets against him – and Jack can’t come up with the money