Playing Hard

Zabawa zabawa, 2018, 88 min.

Playing Hard (2018)

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Director Kinga Debska
Screenpaly Kinga Debska, Mika Dunin
Cinematography Andrzej Wojciechowski
Music Michal Novinski
Art Director Monika Sudol
Producer Zbigniew Domagalski
Dorota Agata Kulesza
Magda Maria Debska
Teresa Dorota Kolak
Jerzy, Dorota’s Husband Marcin Dorocinski
Wiktor Miroslaw Baka
Dorota, a prosecutor in her forties, says she drinks “so she won’t go crazy.”  Using her immunity, she covers up the transgressions she commits “under the influence,” with the help of her husband, a well-known politician. Magda, a college student, likes to party hard, but she gets good grades and holds down a good job. For Teresa, a well-respected surgeon, any excuse to have a drink is a good one. She even drinks at work, at the children’s hospital that she’s the head of. Each of these three women is treading on thin ice, and it won’t take much for it to break. Will they win the battle with their personal demons, supported by their families and friends?