Pre Mortem

2013, 33 min.

Pre Mortem (2013)


Director Konrad Lecki
Screenplay Konrad Lecki
Cinematography Miroslaw Mamczur
Music Szymon Szewczyk
Art Directors Magdalena Minko, Kamila Makaruk, Malgorzata Dabrowska, Agata Adamus
Producer Lidia Sadowska


Captain Pawel Delag
Lieutenant Marcin Kwasny
General Marcin Tronski
Major Herling Robert Wrzosek
Uhlan Cezary Kazmierski
Captain’s Mother Beata Tyszkiewicz

We will not give even a button – so many of them said. Young, beautiful and confident. Polish elite of the early 40s of the twentieth century, ready to defend their homeland. They believed that not gone for long. Everyone said it would be a lightning war that will end in a few days. Did not realize, however, the case that saying goodbye to their wives, mothers, sons and sisters, they see their last time. A slaughter was waiting for them , and again in the spring meeting in Warsaw, left their unfulfilled hope…