Rezerwat, 2007, 100 min.

Preserve (2007)


Festoria International Film Festival in Portugal
First Works Award – Preserve by Lukasz Palkowski

Polish Film Festival in Gdynia
Best Directing Debut Award for Lukasz Palkowski,

Best Actress in Supporting Role Award for Sonia Bohosiewicz,
Best Editing Award for Pawel Witecki


Director Lukasz Palkowski
Screenplay Lukasz Palkowski,
Marcin Kwasny
Cinematography Pawel Sobczyk
Music Sebastian Krajewski
Art Direction Joanna Bialousz-Milczarek
Producer(s) Maciej Slesicki,
Jolanta Rojek


Marcin Wilczynski Marcin Kwasny
Hanka B. Sonia Bohosiewicz
Red-haired Kid Grzegorz Palkowski
Roman Artur Dziurman
News-stand Keeper Violetta Arlak
Red-haired Kid’s Mother Bozena Adamek
Marek Mariusz Drezek


Fledgling freelance photographer Marcin Wilczynski (Marcin Kwasny), after a stormy breakup with his girlfriend has to leave her luxurious apartment. He moves to a dilapidated, old building in ill-famed Praga – notorious for being the most dangerous district of Warsaw. His new landlord (Krzysztof Janczar) hires him to prepare photographic documentation of the deplorable state of the house. While taking pictures of the neighborhood, Marcin unexpectedly discovers alien and at the same time fascinating world of the old Warsaw, not mentioned in official guidebooks. The world where specific rules and code of honor has been preserved… The first “culture clash” comes when Marcin tries to get closer to intriguing, voluptuous owner of the local hairdresser’s – Hanka B. (Sonia Bohosiewicz) and thus draws unwanted attention of her boyfriend, hot-tempered criminal Rysiek (Tomasz Karolak). As if this was not enough, Marcin becomes the target for mischief for a mysterious red hair boy. He starts with breaking Martin’s windows and mirrors in his antique wardrobe. Then, he steals his favorite camera. And that is only the beginning of a series of dramatic and funny events, that will change our hero’s life, winning him new friends and… enemies.