Prince in a Pastry Shop

Książe w cukierni, 2020, 16 min.

Prince in a Pastry Shop (2021)

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Director Katarzyna Agopsowicz
Screenplay Marek Bienczyk
Art Directors Joanna Concejo, Katarzyna Agopsowicz
Music Marcin Wasilewski
Animatic, compositing, 3D animation Przemyslaw Swida
Producer Ewelina Gordziejuk


Prince Andrzej Seweryn
Prickly Pear Ewa Kaim


Prince in a Pastry Shop” is a seemingly humorous story about happiness. Because “with happiness there are only troubles,” says the Not-So-Little Prince, and he multiplies the examples of these troubles. His interlocutor is Prickly Pear, the embodiment of carefree, lightheartedness, simple joy of life, but at the same time a lively, intelligent mind that can make the Prince take a back step in his conversation. This philosophical parable about a couple eating cakes in a cafe touch upon fundamental issues that are close to everyone – the elusiveness of happiness, the fact that we are not always able to perceive it, let alone experience it as fully as possible.