Queen of Clouds

Królowa chmur, 2004, 60 min.

Queen of Clouds (2004)


Director Radoslaw Piwowarski
Screenplay Radoslaw Piwowarski
Cinematography Piotr Wojtowicz
Music Michal Hrisulidis
Production Manager Kamil Przelecki
Mimi Danuta Szaflarska
Piotr Wojciech Malajkat
Kasia Anna Przybylska
Film from the “Polish Holidays” series.
Piotr, a young, handsome and wealthy man, buys from an eccentric elderly lady called Mimi a wonderful, though a bit rundown, villa. Mimi is an artist, who used to enjoy painting clouds. She was called “The Queen of Clouds“. Mimi has a son who tragically died. She has never accepted this fact. Now she treats Piotr like her son. Piotr, however, wants to send Mimi to an old people’s home, but dose not have the courage to tell her that. He takes her on the journey. The elderly lady lives in her world of fantasy. Piotr meets Kasia who realizes his selfishness and inability to love. A lonely night that follows will make Piotr think.