Queen of Spades

2015, 15 min.

Queen of Spades (2015)


Director Aygul Maksutova
Screenplay Aygul Maksutova
Cinematography Kevin Paul Lawrence
Music Joe Romersa
Production Design Sean Akers, Jeff G. Rack
Producers Sean Akers, Marcelo Bendotti,
Aygul Maksutova, Russell P. Marleau


Sasha Wojciech Fry-Lewis
Queen of Spades Sharron Shayne
Tabor Steve Voldseth
Bjork Cyrus Alexander
Cholie Cory Wyszynski
There is only one city left and there are two societies: the Glorified, who live in the last remaining metropolis, and the Outcasts, banished to the wilderness. This world is a dark place very close to our own. Sasha, has to go to the city of the Glorified to bring the hope of life back to his people, who are slowly dying out because humans have lost the ability to sustain their immune systems.