Radoslaw Piwowarski

Radoslaw Piwowarski
Born in 1948. A Łódź Film School graduate (directing faculty). Film director, screenwriter. Debuted in 1970 with TV films in a “Family Affairs” (Sytuacje rodzinne) series. Directed first polish soap opera “As Long As Dusk” (Aby do świtu). Member of the X film Studio (1972-81). Programming director for Polish Television Channel I (1998-2003). He was awarded Golden Screen for screenplay and directing at the Polish Television Work Festival in Olsztyn ’80. Directed TV Series: over 150 episodes of The Zlotoposcy (1997-2004), 6 episodes of Fingerlicking (Palce lizać) (1999), 2 episodes of Lodgers (Lokatorzy) (2002).
2004 Queen of Clouds (Królowa chmór)
1996 A Self-Porter With a Lover (Autoportret z kochanką)
1993 The Order of Feelings (Kolejność uczuć)
– Grand Prix at PFF, Gdynia ’93
– Golden Duck for Best Film in 1993
1989 March’s Almonds (Marcowe migdały)
1987 A Train to Hollywood (Pociąg do Hollywood)
1985 My Mother’s Lovers (Kochankowie mojej mamy)
– Directing and Screenplay Award at PFF, Gdynia ’86)
1984 Yesterday
– Debut Award At PFF, Gdańsk ’85
– Golden Duck for Best Polish Film of 1985