Ready to Roll. Exterminator

Gotowi na wszystko. Exterminator, 2017, 117 min.

Ready to Roll. Exterminator (2017)


Director Michal Rogalski
Screenplay Przemyslaw Jurek, Michal Rogalski, Leszek Bodzak
Cinematography Kacper Fertacz
Music Bartlomiej Bogacki, Kacper Habisiak, Marcin Kasinski
Production Designer Anna Anosowicz
Producer Leszek Bodzak, Aneta Hickinboham
Marcys Pawel Domagala
Jaromir Krzysztof Czeczot
Lizzy Piotr Zurawski
Makar Piotr Rogucki
Magda Agnieszka Wiedlocha
Julcia Aleksandra Hamkalo
Iza Dominika Kluzniak
Ewaryst Wirski Eryk Lubos
Ziomecka Dorota Kolak
Kaska Anna Terpilowska
A group of five devoted friends shared a great dream when they were kids-to rock the Polish metal scene and attract crowds to their concerts. All this under the flag of an ominously named band “Exterminator.” However, as time has shown, youthful ambitions are one thing, and life is another. At present, Marcys, the band’s leader, works in his father’s store, and his relationship with Magda is going through a crisis. Guitar virtuoso “Lizzy” is a rank-and-file bank employee. The third of the guys, bass player Jaromir, everyday punches his card in a polyurethane foam factory and tries hard to live up to the responsibilities of the head of a family. Drummer “Makar” currently is in a mental institution. The fifth band member, “Cypek,” emigrated for financial reasons. However, one day, old memories return-the mayor turns out to be a great fan of “Exterminator” from the day. She promises to support the friends with a grant, as long as they manage to reactivate the band. Soon it turns out that there is a catch to this offer: the guys have to betray their ideals and appear at a number of fairs, playing songs quote distant from the usual repertoire. Their male pride does not let them compromise, and their long-standing friendship as well as their relationships with women, will be put to a true test. The story is spiced up with the appearance of Julcia, Makar’s crazy girlfriend from the asylum, and a conflict with Mrs. Ziomecka, the leader of the local “Cherries” band. And in the meantime, a grand concert approaches…