2001, 90 min.

Requiem (2001)


Director Witold Leszczynski
Screenplay David Mitchell, Edward Redlinski
Cinematography Zbigniew Wichlacz
Music Jerzy Satanowski
Art Director Boguslaw Nobielski
Producer Wlodzimierz Otulak
Bartlomiej Franciszek Pieczka
Bartek Pawel Kurcz
Tomasz Mariusz Golaj
Sonia Kamila Sammler
Olga Anna Milewska
Jadwiga Aleksandra Gorska

Bartlomiej in an old poor villager who makes speeches at funerals. He sums up the lives of the dead, passes judgments which are imprinted in collective memory of all villagers. Bartek, his twelve-year-old grandson is fascinated by the mystery of life and death.

Bartlomiej is getting older, he realizes that the death is coming. He wants Tomasz the postman to be his successor; however, on the condition that he quits drinking. The postman leaves off alcohol and delivers a “test” speech for Bartlomiej, who as we know is still alive, the fact is unpredictable.