Rock’n’Roll Eddie

Władcy przygód. Stąd do Oblivio, 2019, 101 min.

Rock'n'Roll Eddie (2019)

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Youth Film Festival KINOLUB, Rzeszow
Main award of the Young Jury & Honorable Mention of the Jury of Professionals


Director Tomasz Szafranski
Screenplay Tomasz Szafranski
Cinematography Michal Grabowski
Music Fred Emory Smith
Art Director Andrzej Kowalczyk
Producers Marcin Ksobiech, Pawel Jadczak
Franek Szymon Radzimierski
Isabel Weronika Kaczmarczyk
Eddie Maciej Makowski
Szaucer Mikolaj Grabowski
Claudia Alicja Dabrowska
Judge Kripss Lukasz Matecki

Two kids bring in a rock-and-roll fugitive from another world pursued by merciless bounty hunters, and in order to save his life they have to find a way to send him back to where he came from.