Zamiana, 2009, 98 min.

Sexchange (2009)

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Director Konrad Aksinowicz
Screenpaly Cezary Harasimowicz
Cinematography Wojciech Zielinski
Music Marcin Mirowski
Art Director Robert Dabrowski
Producers Rudolf Biermann, Andrei Boncea, Tomas Hoffman


President Piotr Gasowski
President’s Wife Grazyna Wolszczak
Kamilia Niechcial Joanna Liszowska
Agata Malwina Buss
Luska Karolina Lukaszewicz
Maurycy Krzysztof Tyniec
Krzysztof Cyran Cezary Harasimowicz
Edyta Edyta Herbus

Sexchange (Zamiana) is truly a comedy which goes to “sextremes” of absurd and raunchy humor, depicting difficult male-female relations.

A unique war of the sexes and a family crisis break out in the privacy of the President and the First Lady’s chambers. The Commander-in-Chief’s one night of passion with an assistant gives rise to a series of increasingly surprising events. With almost 90% of the voters behind him, Mr. President is a legend and a super macho, who can easily overpower an attacker. He is not ashamed of liking women maybe a little bit too much.

One night Mr. President sleeps with his seductive assistant, Kamila Rys. At one point things start to take a different turn: his customary jogs become a struggle for him. Out of curiosity he puts on his wife’s bra. His libido decreases while his sensitivity increases and, also, his electoral support decreases just like his manhood.

But this isn’t the end of his misfortunes as the first lady decides to take control of her life, leave the marital cage and run in the forthcoming elections.