Short Hysteria of Time

Krótka histeria czasu, 2006, 92 min.

Short Hysteria of Time (2006)


Director   Dominik Matwiejczyk
Screenplay   Dominik Matwiejczyk
Cinematography   Dominik Matwiejczyk
Art Director   Jacek Stachowski
Producer   Dominik Matwiejczyk
Tomek Mateusz Damiecki
Julia Kamilla Baar
Marta Lucyna Piwowarska-dmytrow
Jarek Krzysztof Zych
Martha’s Mom Malgorzata Foremniak
Prof. Wolanski Marek Probosz
A romantic comedy. Tomek is a student of physics. He felt in love with his friend’s girlfriend – Julia. He can not forget about her day and night. One day, when he talk to Julia, comes out that they met each other a year ago on the party. They could be together, but they haven’t noticed each other on that time.