Południe – Północ, 2006

South-North (2006)


Director Lukasz Karwowski
Screenplay Lukasz Karwowski
Cinematography Jacek Januszyk, Marek Rajca
Music Igor Czeniawski
Art Director Weronika Karwowska
Producer Maria Anna Karwowska, Marta Karwowska, Lukasz Karwowski
Julia Agnieszka Grochowska
Jacob Borys Szyc
Woman with Cows Stanislawa Celinska
Monk, Klen, Mushroom Enthusiast, Trucker, Maniek Robert Wieckiewicz
Jacob (29) leaves a monastery. On his first stop he meets Julia (21) – an attractive but neurotic young woman. Jacob wants to reach the sea. She decides to join him. As they don’t have any money they travel by foot, hitch-hiking or riding stolen bicycles. On their way they talk, laugh, cry, meet other people and get closer and closer to each other as their journey continues. Julia, who used to be a prostitute in a big city, is diagnosed HIV positive. A very special emotion builds up between those two so different people – a monk and a prostitute…