State of the Fear

Stan strachu, 1990, 126 min.

Sstate of the Fear (1989)


Director Janusz Kijowski
Screenplay Cezary Harasimowicz, Janusz Kijowski
Cinematography Przemyslaw Skwirczynski
Music Jerzy Szawlowski
Art Direction Arkadiusz Piechal
Janek Wojciech Malajkat
Ewa Anna Majcher
Henryk Henryk Talar
Wanda Monika Niemczyk
Iwona Joanna Trzepecinska

Realistic account of the 1981 events in Poland during the martial law. The plot takes place in a theater company and revolves around a mysterious briefcase, contents of which are never revealed. The set painter hands it over to the actor, who is then seized by the police. Submitted to the interrogation, he insists he knows nothing about it. He escapes from the police station and goes into hiding in an apartment occupied by a young girl with whom he falls in love. The actor is apprehended once again, jailed and to be released years later.