Sukces, 2003, 90 min.

Success (2003)


Director Marek Bukowski
Screenplay Agnieszka Krakowiak
Cinematography Marek Dawid
Music Andrzej Smolik
Art Director Zuzanna Sadowa
Producer Marek Bukowski
Marek Krzysztof Banaszak
Marta Ewa Bukowska
Wiktor Bartek Opania
Little Marek Maciek Lagodzinski
Mother Ewa Serwa
Middle Marek Mateusz Polatynski
Teacher Sylwia Laux
Professor Wojciech Siemion
Life experiences of Marek Pozny, born in one of Poland’s provincial towns in 1968, are not much different from a huge group of Poles of his generation. Well – maybe the only exception is that his authority and advisor on the one hand was God (the Leader of the Chosen Nation) and Winnetou (the Chief of the Apaches) on the other. He spent his childhood in the era of Gierek’s prosperity with some disadvantages such as a shortage of oranges and his youth happened at the time of general Jaruzelski’s martial law. He spent the 80’s trying to overcome apathy and make some important decisions. Marek takes an exam to a drama school. He fails, but makes a friend – Wiktor. His second attempt is successful and Marek becomes a student making plans for the future. However, this male friendship is put on trial…