Synchronizacja, 2019, 19 min.
Synhronization (2019)

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Director Anna Kasinska
Screenplay Anna Kasinska
Cinematography Zuzanna Kernbach
Music Candelaria Saenz Valentine
Production Design Joanna Macha
Producers Joanna Ruta Baranowska, Anna Kasinska
Wanda Agnieszka Grochowska
Wala Joanna Brodzik
Flora Karolina Porcari
Gabi Justyna Suwala
Donor Tomasz Wlosok
In 2084, when the male sex is near extinction, four women wait for their menstrual cycles to synchronize. They all want to become mothers and there can only be one donor. When the day comes, Donor finally appears at their doorstep. During a dinner he suffers an accident and seems to be dead.