2017, 24 min.

Techno (2017)


Director Tadeusz Lysiak
Screenplay Tadeusz Lysiak
Cinematography Konrad Bloch
Music Konrad “Lord Qiuu” Belina,
Szymon Orlowski
Producer Maciej Slesicki


Ryszard Leszek Abrahamowicz
Ryszard’s Wife Danuta Stenka
Young Girl Michalina Olszanska

Ryszard-a sixty-year-old farmer living in a small Polish village in complete seclusion takes care of his wife, who struggles with Alzheimer’s. A young girl from a big city who he stumbles upon by accident introduces him to a world of techno music which, for at least a brief moment, helps him forget about the grave responsibility he has to carry on his shoulders.