That One Afternoon

Popołudnie, 2009, 19 min.

That One Afternoon (2009)


Directors Mateusz Damiecki, Modest Rucinski
Screenplay Modest Rucinski (inspired by a poem by Janusz Kofta)
Cinematography Andrzej Wolf
Music Jacek Kita
Producer Maniek Dobek
Alek Piotrowski Modest Rucinski
Drankard Maciej Damiecki
Alek’s Girlfriend Magdalena Rozczka
Alek’s Boss Robert Jarocinski
Alek’s Friend Wojciech Macwaldowski
Bartender Matylda Damiecka
Lover Mateusz Damiecki
That One Afternoon is a short story of a man who learns that everything can change just like that and discovers the significance of every moment. It is a story of love and anticipation, but above all–a story of hope and faith in other people. The leitmotiv of the film is that: you should never give up on dreaming – because eventually dreams do come true. This is a story of a man who left his office unexpectedly. Maybe a bit too early. But maybe this is how it was supposed to be.