The 128th Rat

128. szczur, 2013, 30 min.

The 128th Rat (2013)

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Polish Film Festival Los Angeles
Bridging the Borders Award – Honorable Mention

Krakow Film Festival
Best Director Award for Jakub Paczek


Director Jakub Paczek
Screenplay Jakub Paczek
Cinematography Jacek Kedzierski
Art Director Alicja Kazimierczak
Producer Malgorzata Koziol
Pawel Burak Bartlomiej Firlet
Asia Diana Zamojska
Burak’s Mother Anna Radwan
Burak’s Father Janusz Chabior
Priest Professor Andrzej Mastalerz
Czarnuch Piotr Franasowicz
A black-humored comedy about staying away from the rat race, and about a wry realization that only idiots are capable of true happiness. Pawel Burak, a much frustrated theology student, declares war on oppressive reality.