The Citizen

Obywatel, 2014, 108 min.

The Citizen (2014)


Gdynia Film Festival
Special Jury Award


Director Jerzy Stuhr
Screenplay Jerzy Stuhr
Cinematography Pawel Edelman
Music Adrian Konarski
Art Director Monika Sajko
Producers Piotr Dzieciol, Jerzy Stuhr


Jan Bratek Jerzy Stuhr
Young Jan Bratek Maciej Stuhr
Renata Bratek Sonia Bohosiewicz
Janusz Gajos Janusz Gajos
Member of parliament Dorota Stalinska
Member of parliament Jerzy Fedorowicz
Child Jan Bratek Aleksander Krom
Jan’s Mother Barbara Horawianka
Younger Jan’s Mother Malgorzata Dobrowolska
Young Jan’s Mother Magdalena Boczarska
Jan’s Father Cezary Kosinski

The film begins with the protagonist’s tragic accident that happens before his entering television building and that is coincidentally connected to the visit of the President of Poland in the building. After this, the action takes place in the hospital room where our protagonist is being brought back to life. In the patient’s hallucinations his 60-year-life is being replayed- childhood, youth and adulthood- we follow it as it is inter wined with Poland’s after war history, through various political systems until a surprising end.