The Cucule

Kukoles, 2017, 102 min. and 20 sec.

The Cucule (2017)


Director Maciej Michalski
Screenplay Maciej Michalski
Cinematography Piotr Smolenski
Music Grzegorz Daron,
Bester Quartet
Art Direction Maciej Michalski
Producer(s) Maciej Michalski,
Jakub Michalski


Robert Maksymilian Michasiow
Richard Piotr Polk
Teresa Iwona Bielska
Pelagia Anna Seniuk

Robert is a young film director who is searching for his father. Every day he writes to him a letter with the hope that one day he will send everything to him. After many years he is visiting his old friend Richard to find out the truth. Watching Robert’s film they return to the memories and secrets of 12 years ago. This is a story about the degradation of a young, ambitious man in a world of misunderstanding, ignorance and prudery. This is a story that reveals the secrets of a young boy’s maturation and loneliness that goes with it.