The Day of Wrath

Dzień gniewu, 2019, 85 min.
The Day of Wrath (2019)

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Director Jacek Raginis-Krolikiewicz
based on the drama by Roman Brandstaetter
Screenplay Jacek Raginis-Krolikiewicz
Cinematography Przemyslaw Nichyporuk
Music Marcin Bornus-Szczycinski, Stanisalw Szczycinski
Producer Anna Kulawik-Rzonca


Prior Radoslaw Pazura
Born Rafal Gasowski
Person form the Underground Daniel Olbrychski
Emanuel Blatt Jan Marczewski
Julia Chomin Natalia Rybicka
Monks Michal Barczak, Miroslaw Borczyński, Przemyslaw Dakowicz, Robert Lawaty, Zbigniew Moskal, Marek Nedza, Robert Pozarski, Krzysztof Szczerba, Marcin Bornus-Szczyciński, Pawel Szczyciński, Stanislaw Szczyciński


During World War II Poland is kept under German occupation. In the autumn of 1943, a young Jew, a refugee from a nearby ghetto, appears in a Polish monastery, asking for help. German Nazis punish Poles for hiding Jews with death. Monks face the most difficult dilemma. An SS squadron-leader, responsible for the liquidation of the ghetto and the extermination campaign against the Jews, comes to the monastery. “The Day of Wrath” is a full of tension blend of a war thriller and a morality play. 

The film is based on the drama by Roman Brandstaetter under the same title.