The Debt

Dług, 1999

The Debt (1999)

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Director Krzysztof Krause
Screenplay Krzysztof Krause, Jerzy Markowski
Cinematography Bartek Prokopowicz
Music Michal Urbaniak
Art Direction Magdalena Dipont
Adam Robert Gonera
Stefan Jacek Borcuch
Gerard Andrzej Chyra
Joanna Kurowska
Slawomira Lozinska
Krzysztof Gordon
The film is based on a true story. Warsaw, January 1999. The police fishes out of the Vistula River to plastic bags. Inside, there are two headless corpses. The finding seems to be connected with the Russian underworld. The story seeps back three months before. two friends, Adam and Stefan quit college and like thousands of their peers try to adapt to the new Polish reality. They are about to sign an exclusive contract on assembly of Italian scooters when the bank turns down their credit application. Their guarantees are too weak. The men are in despair. They run into an old buddy Gerard, now a respectable looking businessman. Gerard offers his help. He promises to find collateral for the bank credit. And he keeps his word. But the cut he demands is too high. The men fail to accept it. Then Gerard shows his true face. It turns out he is a ruthless professional debt collector. The two men’s’ lives become a living hell …