The Doge is Bored

Dłuży się Doży, 2006, 6 min.

The Doge is Bored (2006)


Director Andrzej Dudzinski, Malgorzata Lupina
Screenplay Andrzej Dudzinski
Music Marzena Majcher
Producer Zbigniew Domaradzki
Animation Jacek Lupina
Recitation Wojciech Przoniak
The Egg of Eternity falls from space and smashes into the floor.

Dudi walks in, approaches the hole and takes a dive and glides into deep space. This cosmic odyssey ends on the disc of a galaxy.

While strange objects fly by, the Doge descends the spiral stairway of the Stairs of Oblivion that stretch through space. Grotesque figures enter the Gathering Area. . As the Doge is getting lower and lower, the crowd thickens into a demonstration. When Doge finally gets to the bottom of the stairs, he addresses the Crowd. At this time a visual link from the Doges‘s head to that of Dudi is shown.

Zooming in through deep space we enter into the head of Dudi, and out of it to show him strolling through the meadows. The inside of his head is now black like a blackboard.