The Eccentrics. The Sunny Side of the Street

Excentrycy czyli po słonecznej stronie ulicy, 2015, 112 min.

The Eccentrics. the Sunny Side of the Street (2015)

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Polish Eagle (Orly)
Best Music for Wojciech Karolak; Best Sound for Krzysztof Jastrzeab & Mateusz Irisik;
Best Actor in Supporting Role for Wojciech Pszoniak; Best Actress in Supporting Role for Anna Dymna

Gdynia Film Festival
Silver Lion; Best Actor in Supporting Role for Wojciech Pszoniak


Director Janusz Majewski
Screenplay Janusz Majewski, Wlodzimierz Kowalewski
(based on a novel by Wlodzimierz Kowalewski)
Cinematography Adam Bajerski
Music Wojciech Karolak
Production Design Andrzej Halinski
Producer Wlodzimierz Niderhaus
Fabian Apanowicz Maciej Stuhr
Wanda Apanowicz-Patras Sonia Bohosiewicz
Modesta Nowak Natalia Rybicka
Bayerowa Anna Dymna
Felicjan Zuppe Wojciech Pszoniak
Stypa Wiktor Zborowski
Comrade Kusiak Marian Dziedziel
Habertas Adam Ferency
Dr. Garfinkel Wladys?aw Kowalski
Adjutant Arkadiusz Detmer
Party Hostes Liliana Komorowska
In the late ‘50s Fabian, a war emigrant, jazz trombonist and brilliant dancer, returns from England to his sister who lives in Ciechocinek. Together with a group of local eccentrics and amateur musicians he starts a swing big band.

After their first gig people’s interest with the band surpasses all expectations. They receive loads of concert proposals and start to be popular. Fabian meets an intriguing, dark-haired Modesta and asks her to perform with his orchestra.

They soon become lovers. They are stylish, dance fantastically, go to the best restaurants and drive around Ciechocinek in a beautiful convertible brought from England. They are like two colorful birds against the dreary reality. Their looks and behavior arouse a longing for freedom and prosperity. However, one day Modesta disappears.