The Erlprince

Królewicz Olch, 2016, 101 min.

The Erlprince (2016)

Koszalin Film Festival “Młodzi i Film”
Best Cinematography for Adam Palenta; Best Score for Bartek Glinkak

Gdynia Film Festival
Youth Jury Award


Director   Kuba Czekaj
Screenplay   Kuba Czekaj
Cinematography   Adam Palenta
Music   Bartek Gliniak
Art Direction   Anna Wunderlich
Producers   Jacek Bromski,
Dariusz Gajewski,
Ewa Jastrzebska
Boy   Stanislaw Cywka
Mother   Agnieszka Podsiadlik
Man   Sebastian Lech
Teacher   Boguslaw Jantos
Professor   Bernhard Schutz

An exceptionally gifted 14-year-old starts studying physics at the university. He’s working on the theory of parallel worlds bridged by, as he’s initially convinced, light. The boy has an extraordinary mind and a wounded soul that his mother, who strictly controls his life, is not able to heal. Establishing a new order of things, a man appears in their life and so the boy passes from his mother’s to the man’s care. The three characters start up a winding path towards a close bond but their happiness doesn’t last long. The boy solves the mystery of the transition between worlds…