The Fence

Ogrodzenie, 2009, 20 min.

The Fence (2009)


Director Tomek Matuszczak
Screenplay Tomek Matuszczak
(based on short story “Olive” [Oliwka] by Aleksandra Duda)
Cinematography Maciej Sobieraj
Music Tomasz Stroynowski
Art Director Sabina Czuprynska
Producer Andrzej Mankowski
Mother Maria Seweryn
Daughter Michalina Rodak
Andrzej Maciej Wojdyla

The Decalogue 89+ (Dekalog 89+)

A mother (Maria Seweryn) and daughter (Michalina Rodak) live alone in a small cottage on the village’s outskirts. The appearance of a mysterious man disturbs their close relationship. Will the women be able to avoid mutual jealousy and distrust? The film refers to the Eighth Commandment “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”