The First Day

Pierwszy dzień, 2007, 20 min.

The First Day (2007)


47th Krakow Film Festival
The National Competition Students Jury Award

Johnnie Walker prize for best short documentary film

XI International Film Festival “Off Cinema 2007”
“The Golden Castle” Award

12th Siena International Short film Festival
Special Mention of the Jury

19th Polish Film Festival in America
Main Prize in the Documentary Film Category


Director Marcin Sauter
Screenplay Marcin Sauter
Cinematography Marcin Sauter
Music Tomasz Gwincinski
Producer(s) Krzysztof Kopczynski
This is the story about one of the most important moments in everybody‘s life. About the first border young people have to cross to become adults. In the case of this film it’s a few children from the tundra who are moved to the urban environment.