The French Trick

Francuski numer, 2006, 94 min.

The French Trick (2006)


Director Robert Wichrowski
Screenplay Mariusz Pujszo, Robert Wichrowski
Cinematography Marek Rajca
Music Konrad Tymanek
Art Director Natasza Eichelkraut-galimska
Producer Malgorzata Retei, Marek Trojak
Stefan Jan Frycz
Magda Karolina Gruszka
Janek Jakub Tolak
Mucha Yaya Samake
Siergiej Piotr Borowski
Chwastek Maciej Stuhr
Leon Robert Wieckiewicz
This is an unusual film, containing some elements of thriller as well as a generous dose of humor. It tells a story of four people, planning a trip to Paris in a dilapidated car. Both, the car and an attractive woman, who is its owner, are the source of unexpected turns of action, which keep the viewers hanging on the edges of their seats. The film is set in Warsaw and in Paris.