The Inheritance

2005, 90 min.

The Inheritance (2005)


Director Edward Porembny
Screenplay Andrew Hislop, Delphine Dewulf
Cinematography Kamil Krol
Music Stanislaw Syrewicz, Przemek Myszor & Wojtek Powaga, Michal Urbaniak & Mika Urbaniak
Art Director Nobel Nobielski
Producer Edward Porembny & Tim Gummer


Krister Tomas Norstrom
Grzegorz Krzysztof Kolberger
Ewa Ana Powierza


Krister (Tomas Norstrom) is a disillusioned journalist currently working as a boatbuilder on a remote island in Sweden. Unexpectedly a letter arrives inviting him to return to Poland after 25 years absence. His arrival in Warsaw and the adventures he unwittingly embarks on, lead him to new-found love and a rediscovered zest for life.
To Krister’s surprise, the old friend (Krzysztof Kolberger) who invited him to Poland is very respectable and gay – quite unlike the youth he left many years ago. Krister finds a young girlfriend (Ana Powierza), but very quickly discovers she is a rising porn star. ‘What is this New Poland?’ His friend holds many secrets and the revelations that Krister is presented with, cause him to become a reluctant kidnapper.