The Kiss

Pocalunek, 2013, 21 min.

The Kiss (2013)

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Stockholm Sveriges Kortfilm Festival
Best Film, Best Actress for Agnieszka Zulewska

Brno16 International Short Film Festival
Best Actress for Agnieszka Zulewska

Sicilia Queer FilmFest, Palermo
Jury Award, Best Actress for Agnieszka Zulewska

Philadelphia QFest
Best Short Film

Fort Worth’s Gay & Lestbian International Film Festival QCinema
Best Short Film

Filmfest Homochrom, Germany
Best Short Film


Director Filip Gieldon
Screenplay Filip Gieldon
Cinematography Michal Luka
Music Rebecca & Fiona, Rafal Pankowski
Art Director Katarzyna Jedrzejczak
Producers Jakub Michalski, Tomasz Hagstrom
Emilia Agnieszka Zulewska
Matylda Matylda Paszczenko
After an alcohol-induced night out, Emilia, 20, wakes up in an apartment she has never been in before. To her surprise, the person that greets her is not a man, but Matylda, 32, claiming that not only did they meet last night, but that Emilia was the one who kissed her, before they made their way into bed.