The Land, Apartment

Mieszkanie, 2021, 23 min. 30 sec.
The Land, Apartment (2021)


Director Filip Hillesland
Screenplay Maciej Slesicki
Cinematography Lukasz Suchocki
Music Pawel Skorupka
Production Design Oliwia Waligora
Producers Michal Kujawa, Maciej Slesicki


Piotr Jablonski Kazimierz Mazur
Beata Daria Polasik-Bulka
Jablonska Marta Scislowicz
Zosia Fryderyk Gnap
Policeman Kacper Matula
Policewoman Julia Adamczyk


The penultimate story in The Land shows a childless married couple struggling to get rid of a non-paying tenant with a baby. In a desperate act to drive the woman out of the flat, they come up with a perfidious plan – the husband moves into the apartment in a bid to make the tenant’s life a misery. Unexpectedly, the man has an affair with the tenant and finds out that the young woman is mentally unbalanced. The wife gives him a dramatic ultimatum.