The Land, New Year’s Eve

kRaj, Sylwester, 2021, 21 min.

The Land, New Year's Eve (2021)


Director Maciej Slesicki
Screenplay Maciej Slesicki
Cinematography Mateusz Pastewka
Music Pawel Skorupka
Production Design Oliwia Waligora
Producers Michal Kujawa, Maciej Slecicki


Krzys / Krzys’ Brother Adam Bobik
Ada Monika Janik
Janusz Bartlomiej Nowosielski
Krzys’ Daughter Maria Czerepinska
Romek Roman Kutner
Janusz’s Wife Wanda Onyszkiewicz-Gnap


In a final chapter of The Land, we get to know two neighbouring families while they are celebrating New Year’s Eve. Fuelled by alcohol, the conflict among the characters starts to escalate; the wives’ affairs come to light, the husbands vent their frustrations. The rising tension is bound to lead to an explosion of more than just fireworks.